About Gloria

Gloria mastered the art of second-hand shopping long before thrifty became chic. Learning to reuse and repurpose things was as much a skill as it was a virtue. Gloria was only three-years-old when she and her parents immigrated from Bulgaria to the United States, where they started to build a new life in pursuit of the American Dream. As a young immigrant family with humble beginnings, they strived to be resourceful. Gloria learned to value her material possessions and appreciate that less is more, an adage that has helped shape her worldview and guided her as a science communicator and environmental advocate.

Gloria is a a digitally-savvy storyteller with a diverse background in strategic communications, public relations, and marketing. She's worked with organizations across sectors, advancing mission-driven work and increasing brand recognition for do-good businesses and nonprofits alike. A fashion-forward woman, Gloria is first to admit the multibillion dollar fashion industry has a long way to go in reducing its environmental footprint. She believes that high-end consignment is key to cultivating a more sustainable culture of shopping, one that values quality over quantity. 

About Robert

What started as a hobby selling his old lacrosse gear in high school has turned into a lifelong passion for curating luxury goods, from vintage wine to designer apparel. Robert's keen eye for high-end fashion is rooted in his family's century old legacy in the textile industry. His great great grandfather, Frank Reitzas, started Fall River Knitting in 1911, producing handcrafted knitwear out of his two-person shop in New York City. In the late 1930s Frank moved the business to Fall River, Massachusetts where the factory flourished and formed the bedrock of New England's textile industry. Fall River Knitting has been in business for over 100 years, and to this day 
continues to uphold its values of superior craftsmanship and personalized care. Properly Worn will offer a selection of new FR Knitting sweaters at our East Greenwich store front. 
Robert carries on the family trait of creating exceptional customer experiences with a decade-long career in the food and hospitality industry. He's an award-winning beverage director who's managed restaurants in Washington DC and Rhode Island. Along his journey Robert has partnered with James Beard nominated chefs, represented boutique wine importers, and worked at successful tech startups in Boston and Providence. He is committed to creating a one-of-a-kind guest experience that exceeds expectations.  



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